Eat the cake, buy the shoes, take the trip

A while ago, while obsessively exploring Pinterest as I do, I came across a quote that spoke to me:

Eat the cake, buy the shoes, take the trip

I thought to myself, “yes! I deserve to live life. This is what I need to be thinking every day!”. To me, this quote meant that everyone should stop holding back and live life. Life is short! So, do what you want.

As this resonated with me, I decided I was going to live by this quote. If I wanted to eat a cupcake, I would eat a cupcake. If I wanted to buy some shoes or 10 shirts, I would. I stopped at stores when I wanted and got what I wanted. Swipe, swipe, swipe went my debit card (and yes credit cards….). I bought clothes for work and clothes for casual. I bought candy and soda and whatever food I wanted, all while the healthy food I bought at the grocery store went bad and all while the clothes I bought sat in my closet.

But that didn’t matter. I was living life….right? I decided I couldn’t take my money to the grave anyways so I may as well spend it. I kept telling myself I was buying clothes for all the adventures I was going to go on. I needed the adorable dress to take with me when my husband and I go on vacation. I need this top to take with me for when we go to the mountains. These shorts would be perfect for hiking!

So what about the “take the trip” part of this quote?

As my bank account dwindled and my closet filled, I started thinking more and more about those trips I wanted to take. Yet when it came time to look into these trips, I realized that we had less money to spend on adventures because I bought so many outfits to take on these unplanned trips. In addition, I honestly did not feel good in any of the outfits because I had been eating anything and everything I craved for weeks!

I realized how happy my outfits made me….for a moment. And how happy the cupcakes made me…for a moment. Yet I was not experiencing things! I am a firm believer that one should indulge themselves in what makes them happy! So how am I going to find a balance between eating the cake, buying the shoes, and taking the trips!?

Eat the Cake- 

I love cake. More specifically, I love cupcakes. I could eat a dozen. That may surprise people because I don’t eat a full meal…but if you put cupcakes in front of me, they’re gone! Obviously, this part of the quote does not just refer to eating cake. It represents eating what you want when you want! So how do we make sure we live this part of the quote but still maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Divine Darkness Mystery Box

  • Have a healthy lifestyle! Eat healthy every day and don’t just eat a Butterfinger because there is a Butterfinger. Save those cheat meals for your favorite, can’t live without desserts (for me it’s Cherry Chip Cake). If you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then you won’t have any guilt or concerns when you indulge in the things you REALLY want!
  • Exercise! Workout and be active. Exercise promotes an all around healthy lifestyle. Staying active helps you stay on track with your healthy life!
  • Stay away from the scale. I will always mention this. The scale does NOT dictate if you are healthy or not….so just don’t do it. it’s just discouraging.

Buy the Shoes-

I honestly do not know which is harder for me: balancing what I eat or balancing what I buy. UGH! I am a shopper. I think as a retail manager, it’s in my blood or something. But ask anyone who knows me: I LOVE clothes. I also love crafts and buying things for others….add those up and it equals….broke. it equals broke. So how can I solve this??

  • Almost every store can put things on hold. So put your items on hold. Leave, go to other stores, go to lunch, and if you can’t get the item off your mind….go back and get it if you must!
  • Is it on sale? Or do you have a coupon? If not, evaluate very carefully if the item is worth it or if it will go on sale later. Craft stores often have insane coupons or sales. (I will be sharing my tips to buying craft supplies on a low budget soon so stay tuned!)
  • Is it an item that has value? Will it add value to your wardrobe or home? Will it be versatile? It is a fleeting trend? The answers to these questions should be telling.
  • What else could you buy with that money? This is a big one for me…once I realized if I saved my spending money for just two or three months, I could buy a small computer…..yikes! If there is something you have been dying to have and haven’t bought yet, maybe put the money you are about to spend towards that.

Take the Trip-

One thing I have come to realize is that no I can not take my money to the grave….but I also can not take stuff. Life really is short, though. So it is so important to experience everything we can while we are here. The excitement of buying clothes and eating delicious food may fade rather quickly while experiences add to who we are as people.

In conclusion, yes: Eat the cake, buy the shoes, and take the trip. Just don’t buy so many shoes that you can’t take the trip!

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    1. Thank you so much, Lindsey! It really is hard! I always want to live it up but then I have to remember to save for a rainy day. 😉

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