Raspberry Peach Drink

We all have those things we crave every season! That one thing you wait all year until it’s in season so you can enjoy it. For me, it is THIS drink! It is my favorite smoothie recipe and I crave it all year long. Yes, I freeze the ingredients to have in the Winter…but it just is not the same as having fresh, ripe, juicy peaches.

I recently found out that August is National Peach Month. So in honor of this fabulous month, I am sharing my favorite peach recipes with all of you! If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the delicious Peach Green Tea I enjoy all Summer as well! Everyone seemed to really love that, so I thought the next thing I should share is my Raspberry Peach Smoothie Recipe!

The recipe is honestly super easy…which is a must for me. I am on the run so much that if smoothie recipes get too complicated, I lose my motivation to make them. This smoothie is so easy to make AND gives me the boost of energy I need to get going in the afternoon or evening. It is also AMAZING to take on a hike or walk.

Here is what you need:
Two Peaches
A cup of raspberries
A little bit of vanilla
Ice Cubes

Take your peaches and cut them up into small pieces. Then put them, your raspberries, and ice cubes in the blender. Blend them on low until well mixed. Then, add just a few drops of vanilla and blend again for just a quick second.
You can always add yogurt if you like! I will add yogurt if I am looking for a more filling recipe or a snack replacement. But typically this smoothie is a sweet drink treat for me!

If you try this smoothie, let me know what you think! What recipe do you crave all year round!?

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