Coconut Oil Face Wash-All natural beauty care

Coconut oil face wash


When it comes to essential beauty products, many people don’t think twice about the products they are using. My entire life, I honestly made my buying decisions based on what smelled the best or which one would make my hair smoother. As I grew and learned more about the adverse effects many products can actually have on our bodies, I began to realize it really does matter what we put in our bodies and on our skin.

This is when I began my search for products I could make myself. This way, I would know exactly what I was using everyday. I am still on my way to getting more and more clean products in my life and pushing the mainstream products out. This transition does not happen overnight but it is great to know I am making an effort and making a difference to myself and the environment..

Whether it is because you want to use green products to protect the environment or to protect you, I have some great recipes I’ll be posting on my blog for everyone to use!

The first beauty product I ever made at home was my coconut oil face wash. To this day, I use it for it’s many benefits! The coconut oil melts the makeup off my face and leaves my face feeling smooth! The mixture is the smooth coconut oil and the tougher baking soda. The baking soda provides a nice gritty texture that will help scrub the makeup and dirt from your face much like microbeads that are found in mainstream products. I also recommend having a scrub pad or washcloth to help deep clean. I got my scrub pad at the dollar tree in a pack of two!


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Note: This recipe does include essential oils. Please know how your skin reacts to these oils prior to using.


The recipe:


1 cup coconut oil

3 tsp baking soda

8 drops of essential oil (I use citrus, but you can use any scent you like! Lavender is great for a night time scent. Citrus is a good wake up scent for a morning wash!)


Mix all the ingredients together and store in a container with a lid (I love my mason jars!)

You can use immediately!