The Best Hiking Trails near Dayton Ohio

I grew up in a rural area of Ohio. The town I am from is surrounded in beautiful woods and fields. Growing up, we always enjoyed hiking and camping and spending as much time outside as possible. My favorite things to do were all outside. We had land to run free on and I loved it.

Now, I am grown up and live in an apartment. My husband and I are working towards buying our own home. We want to have space and privacy, things which we both grew up with. I can’t wait until we have a yard and hopefully even some extra land.

Until then, we try to get out and enjoy hiking the public trails as much as we can. At first, I did not think that we would have much luck finding any trails close to our “city” apartment. I looked and looked and honestly had a bit of a difficult time finding good hiking trails.

Until one day my husband stumbled across Grant Park. We hiked the park for the better part of a day (and I’ll admit we got a little lost) and I fell in love! I started visiting the park daily and going on my own hiking trips. I was so happy to have found a beautiful park inside our city.

From there, we found more and more great trails to hike and explore! Now, when we have down time we can simply pick a trail to go to and have a blast hiking! I want to share these amazing trails for any of my Ohio friends to visit. These are trails closely located to the Centerville, Ohio area.

Grant Park

Grant Park has several entrances. It is located in Centerville, Ohio. According to Google, Grant Park is a 189 acre natural area with diverse habitats & wildlife offers trails & play areas. There are multiple entrances. This is one of my favorite things about this park. Depending where you enter, you get totally different experiences. once entrance is 501 Normandy Ridge Road Dayton, Ohio. You can also enter off of McEwen Road. My favorite entrance is McEwen Road.

This park is great for hiking, picnics, exploring with kids or friends. It is also a great place to go if you’re looking to slow down and breathe. I love it there!

Visit their website: and check out Grant Park. They have a calendar of fun events! They often offer group yoga on the deck of their visiting center!

Sugarcreek Metro Park

Located just outside Centerville, Ohio, Sugarcreek Metro Park is a beautiful 618 acre Metropark and the perfect place to relax and go for a hike! We came across Sugracreek Metro Park while looking for more places to spend our time! This park offers several different trail paths. Some go deep into the park while others just dip in a little. There is also a fire pit area and covered picnic area.

Some trails follow the creek that runs through the park, creating a calm an beautiful hike! The many attractions of this park are endless! One of their main attractions are they 550 year old Oak Trees, known as the three sisters. Sadly, only two remain of the three sisters. But still, the sight is serene. The Three Sisters can be found on the orange trail of the park map.

Another famous attraction of this beautiful park is the Osage Orange Tunnel. The trees were planted in the 1800’s to serve as a fence. This tunnel can also be found on the orange trail of the park.

The park also includes a prairie, where there are swings you can sit on overlooking the scene. Visit just before Sunset for an iconic view!

Visit and look under the five rivers metro parks for more information!

Cox Arboretum

This is one of my husband’s favorites! This is actually where his brother got married and it was a beautiful ceremony.

This park offers great ponds surrounded by gorgeous flower beds! There are a lot of things to do and see here. Located on Springboro Pike in Dayton, Cox Arboretum offers a Butterfly house, an 81 step tree tower overlooking the park, a children’s maze, and more! There is also a beautiful visitor’s center where you can learn more about the park! Cox arboretum is also a great place for learning about conservation and gardening!

As you explore the park, you will be surprised to also find beautiful hiking trails. This area is called the Ruth Cummings Mead Woodland area. This wooded area is my favorite park of the park, stretching over 100 acres!

Bill Heck

Bill Yeck park is one that I recently found! This park is 194 acres. One of the coolest things this park has to offer is the Tri-Centinnial Time Trail. This trail was started in 1996. Basically, they stopped mowing one section in 1996, then the next section in 1997, and so on. This shows how long it really takes for a forest to grow naturally. It is so cool to see how nature took over the areas that have not been mowed. This will continue for 100 years, each year another section being added.

This is another park that offers a lot of versatility! There are educational aspects such as the time trail,  the native seed nursery, natural play area, Owlexander’s Tree Trek Nursery Trail, and more! Plus, there are beautiful hiking trails and a stream.

Miamisburg Mound

Okay, this one is a bit random. We found it one day when we were looking for something new to explore. This one does not have a ton of hiking, but it really is a must see! If you haven’t been there, make your plans now, especially if you’re a local history buff! The mound is one of our best kept secrets!

There is so much history here, and an awesome view! The mound is located on Mound Road in Miamisburg, Ohio. The mound is 65 feet tall, and 800 feet in circumference. Investigations have revealed that the mound was created between 2,000 and 2,800 years ago! It was used as a burial mound, possibly by the Adena culture. In 1869, excavators investigated the mound and found that the. mound was probably created in stages. Investigations were halted to preserve the mound. This info and more info is on the site:

We visited the Mound and it was breathtaking. There is a lot of history here. You can find more information at the park. There are a lot of postings explaining the history and purpose of the mound. It is spectacular!

Plus, there is also some other interesting history from this area!In 1943, Dayton sites began to be used as part of the Manhattan Project. the project that resulted in the first atomic bomb. In 1949, Mound Laboratories opened. This was the site of top secret research, including research around Plutonium and Polonium. There is now a museum around the work, which is only open a few days a week. But this offers some fun info for history buffs!


Happy Hiking, everyone! Where are your favorite hiking trails?