Clifton Mill- Fun Fall Activities

If you are from the Southwestern Ohio area, you may know of Clifton mill. If you don’t know of it….look it up! If you like history, food, Christmas, hiking, or anything at all, you will like Clifton Mill!!

Clifton mill is located in Clifton, Ohio (not the Clifton in Cincinnati, super common misunderstanding). This Clifton is very rural and is outside of Xenia and Springfield. The area is complete farm country. For people like me, this is bliss!


Clifton Mill is famous for its beautiful Christmas lights display. This display is one of the most popular area events, and rightfully so! It really is a gorgeous holiday sight! The buildings, mill, and hills are all covered in lights during Christmas time! They also have hot chocolate and Santa comes to visit! The light display begins the day after Thanksgiving and run until December 31st. On Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years Eve they close early. Visit their website for more information on dates and times.

Yet many do not know what the mill has to offer during the off-season! My sister and I love going to the mill in Summer and Fall! They actually have a fun little restaurant which serves breakfast all day! And their breakfast includes pancakes that fill your entire plate, which you can top with practically anything! They also serve buffalo burgers with locally raised buffalo. Breakfast and Lunch are served daily. Dinner is only served on Fridays and Saturdays. a quick note: Sundays are the busiest day at the Mill restaurant. Just keep that in mind while planning your visit.

As you dine, you can watch the mill turn or watch the little Miami River run by you. The mill is one of the largest remaining water powered grist mills still around today! The first mill built here was built in 1802 by Owen Davis. Multiple other mills were built on the Little Miami surrounding that area, but the Clifton Mill is the only one that remains. (info found on Enjoy eating and learning about the history that surrounds you all at the same time.

On your way out of the restaurant, make sure you stop in the gift shop! They sell amazing home decor, candy, kids toys, and more! Also, you can purchase the mixes for the breads they serve at the mill. Including their pancake mix!

On top of all they offer daily, the mill hosts events. They often host paint nights, beer tastings, and wine tastings. Go to to explore their current events and what is coming up! You can also find out more about the mill and read up on the history.

After you enjoy your meal, take a walk around the mill explore their historic covered bridge. The view is spectacular. Covered bridges are disappearing year after year so this is a sight to truly be treasured. The bridge runs over the little Miami River, offering a serene experience. On the same grounds, you will also find the 1940’s gas museum.

Another great part of Clifton Mill is it’s location! You can easily walk or drive to several state parks and conservation sites or shop downtown Yellow Springs. The attractions are endless in this area. Make sure you plan your trip to the Mill soon and enjoy all it has to offer. Whether you visit during the Holidays or any other time of the year, you won’t be disappointed.