15 beauty hacks for camping trips

Many people know that I am a retail manager. I am totally fashion obsessed! I am the first to grab those new clothes out of the box when they arrive. I love adding new items to my wardrobe and I love feeling put together!

Something not everyone realizes is that I am also and outdoorsy girl. I love hiking and camping and simply enjoying the outdoors. While I love these activities, it is often hard to maintain that “put together” look while hiking and camping. Not only is there typically no power or cell service, but you also get some weird looks when your putting on a full face of make up before a hike (not that we should care what others think, you do you girl). But realistically, that make up is going to sweat of pretty quickly and then we wind up looking so very not put together!

So in light of this frustration that every boss babe has who loves the outdoors, I am putting together a list of 10 tips that will help you while out in the wilderness (or more realistically a state park).

1.) Dry Shampoo. This might be obvious. But girl let me tell you, this is your best friend when your camping! Even if your camp sight has running showers, do you want to use them? Well, if it’s freezing when you wake up you may not want to, especially after possibly being cold all night in your tent. Also, they may not be in great condition. Plan for the worst case and bring the dry shampoo!!!

Dry Shampoo also gives your hair body. This can help your hair from falling flat during a sweaty hike. My favorite brand is “Not Your Mother’s”. Look for the green bottle of dry shampoo. it can be found at Kroger and is typically pretty reasonably priced. Spray the dry shampoo at the root of your hair and rub it in for best results!

2.) Headbands, bandanas, and extra hair ties! Girl, a headband is a nature girl’s bestie. They serve a lot of purposes out on the trail. First, if your hair is greasy, this will hide that or take away from it. Second, they keep your hair out of your face. This can be a lifesaver while hiking and camping. You’ll be doing a lot and the last thing you need is your hair all over the place (think about when you’re starting a fire….). And, last but not least, they are cute! They will help you maintain a put together cute look while you hike!

3. Self tanner AND sunscreen. So this may not be for everyone. But for me, self tanner can work a lot better than trying to put on foundation before a hike. It gives me some color and dries so that it doesn’t run like foundation or powder. Plus, I feel so much better without thick make up on for a hike! Also, you MUST remember your sunscreen. Make sure it gets applied to any exposed skin, including your neck. Women’s necks often get neglected because we think it doesn’t get direct sun…well it does! Plan ahead and protect that skin so you don’t age pre-maturely. You can also find tinted sunscreen for that added glow!

4. Bug Spray. Oh yes. This falls under a beauty category. No one wants to be running around with huge welts and bug bites!! Check out my post about homemade bug repellents. This post not only gives some great DIY bug repellent to wear but also DIY repellents to put around your campsite to keep those critters at bay. You can find that here!

If you prefer to go with a mainstream bug spray, here are some recommendations of bug spray that doesn’t have too horrible of a smell:

  • Honest Company $12.99 (about depending on the size). So I LOVE the honest company. What their company stands for is so great! It is available at Target. Just keep in mind, the bottle is only 4 FL OZ for that price. But for me, not having the added chemicals and not having that chemical smell is worth it!
  • Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard (4 FL OZ). Runs about $14 full price but there are often deals. The product is low odor and claims to protect against mosquitos and deer ticks. It is also DEET free and has to be washed off to get off (meaning it stays on well). Downfall- you have to order it from Avon. (visit Avon.com)
  • Burt’s Bees Herbal Insect Repellent $7.99 for a 4 FL OZ bottle. This product is 100% natural according to their site and has a “refreshing herbal scent”. It is made from a blend of the essential oils those pesky bugs hate!

5. Face wipes! These are a life saver during a camping trip. Again, you may not have easy access to real bathrooms depending where you are camping. Plus, it will probably be dark by the time you think to wash your face and then you get to trek through the forrest at night to the bathrooms with whatever creatures are lurking around (am I the only one who thinks about these things? Doubt it…).

You can make face wipes yourself or you can use many already made wipes. Burt’s Bees sells face wipes at local grocery stores as well!

6. If you must wear the make up…So some of us can’t part with the make up. And that’s okay! If you are going to wear make up during your camping trip, keep it light! Use some eyeliner to get rid of your sleepy eyes and some bronzer. Then, use your make up setting spray. This is a must have if you’re wearing makeup during a camping or hiking trip. I use Ulta beauty’s brand and I love it! 7

7. What about lotions and sprays? Okay guys, use caution here! Keep in mind: If you have lotion or spray that smells like food and you’re camping in an area with bears, the smell good MUST go in the bear bins! Do not put it in your tent. I honestly don’t recommend bringing sugary smelling sprays and lotions anyways. You’re already so sweet, and adding to it will make the bugs go crazy. You will get eaten alive.

So what do we do!? My favorite lotion to bring is Simple Truth Organic Body lotion. They have a lemon scent, which mosquitos don’t like. You can get this lotion at Kroger in their all natural beauty care section. Stick with non scented or lavender and lemon scented lotions and spray.

8. Deodorant The basis of our beauty products. I always tell my husband, I don’t sweat. I glisten. And while I wish that were true, I do sweat. I sweat a lot! Anything I can do to prevent this or hide it, I’m there. I typically use an all natural deodorant found at GNC. I also found “Body Glide For Her” from Amazon.

9. Flannel-Bring on the Flannel. One thing I have learned is the benefits of a good flannel button down top! I am cold by nature. It is rare for me to get hot! But while hiking, I will get hot and then cold. We stop and I’m sweaty so I get cold, we go up a hill and there isn’t tree cover so I get hot, and so on! A button down flannel top is SO helpful because you can wear it while you’re cold. But if you get hot, it looks cute tied around your waist! Wear a tee shirt or tank under your flannel top and rock it!

10.Battery Operated Lighted Mirror If you are without electricity and have early mornings to look forward to during your trips, a battery operated mirror is super important! Bring this mirror to make your morning beauty routine easier! Here is my favorite one- found at Target for under $30!

11. Soap! So I have a pretty cool tip when it comes to body wash/soap. So if you are lucky enough to have a heated shower place in your campgrounds, take your soap and wrap it up in a wash cloth. This way, you just have to wet the wash cloth and you’ll get soapy right away. This will help make lugging around the shower care products easier. Please use an all natural soap and save the environment! If you are not a DIY soap kind of gal, check out Whole Foods! They have all kinds of all natural beauty products!

12. Your Smile! LOL No I’m not being corny! Let’s talk about dental care while you’re camping! This can be tough if you don’t have running water but do not skip the oral care part of your beauty routine because you are camping!

Easy oral care solves for camping trips: Get a small tooth brush, portable toothpaste, and water. Just use your bottled water to brush your teeth with. Also, bring mouthwash along! This is a quick solve if you’re in a pinch. Don’t forget the floss! Ugh I hate when I get food stuck in my teeth and I can’t get it out. And when you are hiking, you don’t have quick access to dental care so make sure you bring it along!

13. Ice Cubes- If you are like me….you won’t sleep great on the ground in your tent! So bring your ice cubes along and keep them in your cooler. Use those ice cubes to get rid of the under-eye circles in the A.M. Just rub the under-eyes with the ice cubes and get rid of the puffiness! This will help you look more awake and rested during your trip.

14. Nail Polish-Don’t  When it comes to finger nail polish, I recommend you just remove it before your camping trip. Trust me, it’s going to get chipped and it messed up. This will only look worse than if you had no nail polish to begin with. Your toes might be safer than your fingers. Just keep in mind, if you are going to wear nail polish, you may have to deal with the chipping or bring along the bottle to do quick touch ups.

15. A Good Pair Of Shoes– Make sure you pack the right shoes! Here is what I recommend:

A good pair of hiking boots that are comfortable, breathable, and waterproof.

A pair of tennis shoes good for hiking or running. Just in case!

a pair of slides or flip flops. This is for wearing around the fire or walking around the campsite while your just hanging out if it is hot out!

P.S. Socks!! Bring at least one pair of fuzzy, warm socks and a pair of regular socks for each day you are gone in addition to an extra pair (in case you get caught in the rain, etc…)

I hope these tips helped you guys! I know for me I want to be low maintenance and still feel good while I’m out hiking. These tips should help!

What are your must have beauty care products while you’re out camping?