My Current Work Out Program

My life is crazy right now. So crazy. I am in school, working full time (and we are gearing up for the holidays,), plus I am a wife and have a family to spend time with! I need about 10 extra hours in each day, I feel. With all these things going on, I have to keep my health and fitness top of mind. I have let it go for a while now but I am back on track. I am now on a great trend and I want to share my work out plan with you all.

My husband is huge into fitness. He lost over 60 pounds and is now on a straight and narrow path when it comes to fitness and nutrition. So, he came up with an amazing workout plan for me. It is so great because if I miss a day, I just keep moving on track. Plus, I can get the workouts done in about 45 minutes. With my schedule, time is of the essence. This workout plan not only includes weight lifting, but has some great conditioning to go along with each day so I can get my heart pumping.

Here is my workout plan. It is set up with Day 1-Day 5. Like I said, if I have to skip a day because it is too crazy, I just keep moving along. Let’s say on Monday I do the workout for Day 1. But maybe Tuesday I have to work a long day and I have homework. Then I just pick up on Day 2 on Wednesday.

It is so important to remember that just because you skip a day, this does not need to ruin your entire week. As bossbabes, we want to have a killer bod. But at the same time, our mental health is important, too! What I love about this workout is that it challenges me and it is flexible to my life! I typically take about 45 minutes to do this workout and then I’ll spend another 15 minutes either on the bike or elliptical. That is an hour workout, which is 4% of my day well spent!

Before working out, after you stretch, test the weights and see how much you can handle. Remember you want to push yourself. Track the workouts you complete and also the weight you use so that over time you can see your growth.

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So here it is:


Day 1:

Do 10 reps 3 times for each exercise.



Leg extension

leg curls


Day 2:

Do 10 reps 3 times for each exercise

Falt Bench

Incline Bench

Tricep Pulldown



Day 3: 


Weighted step ups

Sled Push

Romanian Deadlift


Day 4:

Pull Ups

Bicep Curls

Seated Row

Hammer Curl


Day 5:


Cuban Press

Toe To Bars/Knee Raises

Dumbell Clean and Jerk


Conditioning Program:

Conditioning is my favorite part of my workout! I usually do my other exercises first, then I move into conditioning. It is exciting and very challenging. I often get a lot of adrenaline going with my conditioning and I love it!

You will see 21-15-9 on several conditioning programs. This means do the workout 21 times, the 15, then 9. You can do whatever conditioning you want on each day but I typically go in order.

Conditioning option 1


Box Jumps

Dumbbell clean and jerks

Option 2

5 rounds

5 Burpee Box Jumps

5 Thrusters

Option 3

3 Rounds

25 su jump rope

10 Burpees

15 Air Squats

Option 4 


Medicine Ball squat cleans

Knee raises

Option 5

3 Rounds 

10 push ups

15 air squats