The Morning routine that will help you rock your day!

Hey Business Babes!

Who is ready for Fall to be here!? I know I am! One thing I dread though….day light savings and night coming so much sooner! I feel like my whole evening is gone when it starts getting dark out at 5 and 6 P.M. Yikes! I am bummed just thinking about it.

As someone who works retail, though, I am very adaptable! I have to be. My schedule is ever changing. It can change from day to day and even hour to hour. So I have to be able to change my plans on a dime.

This can get exhausting after a while. When you work at 9 one day, 1 the next, and 7 am the next it can get hard to create any sort of routine. But one thing I have learned over the past few years of being in management is that having a morning routine is a must! It sets the tone for your entire day. When you start your day in a great way with a set morning routine, you will feel like you had time to yourself, that way even if the day takes a turn, you will feel you have been productive in life and not just in work.


  1. Drink your water!

Start out with a nice big glass of ice water…not your coffee. Hey I’m not saying skip the coffee. Coffee is a must. But starting your day with ice water will wake you up and kick start that metabolism! I recommend getting a glass bottle and filling it each night. Plus, you can slice up some lemons and let those soak overnight for a bit of flavor and natural detox!

If you want to go one step further, add chia seeds to your water! It is such an amazing natural detoxifier. Plus, it will give you a nice energy boost. Chia seeds are a superfood and the benefits are endless.

2. Stretch

Whether you are a yoga lover or not, a great stretch will wake you up and get your muscles warmed up. Either do some stretches in your bed or go a step further and lay out a blanket/yoga mat and do some stretches!

3. Breakfast

I am not a breakfast person. I typically get going so quickly that it does not even occur to me to eat. But, I know that it really is the most important meal of the day. It will give you energy and keep your mind from being foggy. If you don’t have time to make breakfast every morning (because who does?), then do some prepping with my muffin recipe! It makes about 12 muffins. I eat one or two depending how I’m feeling. They are all natural and an actually healthy way to start my day!

4. Get outside for a minute

Where do you work? Do you work in an office or a store? It is most likely some kind of building….right? So you probably spend most of the day inside. Then you come home and spend most of your evening inside making dinner, catching up on things, or cleaning. So give yourself a few minutes outside! It really works wonders. Take 5 minutes and stand on your patio or go for a walk if it is light enough outside. This will let you feel the fresh air and hopefully get a bit of sunlight depending the season.

5. Get moving!

It is hard, I know! I am not a fan of working out in the morning. But, I know how much better I feel when I do. Either head to the gym and get your workout on or do a small workout at home before you get ready. Set up a morning workout plan before you shower that will get your blood flowing. I recommend:

3 rounds:

10 Jumping Jacks

10 Sit ups

10 squats

This will get your heart moving, jump start that metabolism, and help you wake up!

6. Then hit the shower and start your normal beauty routine! I hope this helps all you boss babes get ready for you day the right way! What helps you wake up in the morning!?