Tips To Be Healthy When You’re Busy!

Hi everyone! I have been so happy to have a few weeks off during my break between Semesters. But as I have been enjoying this time, I realized I am having to re-set myself in terms of my habits. During last semester, I was trying to keep up with my blog, working Full Time during holiday season, and of course trying to keep up on my school and house work! Through it all, I let the stress get the best of me and the good habits I had created with working out and eating healthy fell to the way side!

This semester I am determined to not let that happen! I will do everything and stay healthy, too! I do not want to look back and realize I am even further behind in my fitness goals than I am now. So, I am sharing my newly found tips of how to stay healthy and stay motivated during the busiest times life throws at me!

  1. Drink Water!

So I know it sounds simple but it is for some reason something many of us struggle with. I honestly think it is because there are so many drink options out there and we all get bored with plain water. So, we turn to things with sweeteners and sugars! This is a snowball effect and we get trapped in this cycle of drinking awful products that do nothing but hurt our health! So, stick with the water! Start and end your day with a cold class of water. Add lemon or fruit for a nice change in taste! Plus, water is so good for your complexion and overall health.

PRO TIP: Grapes have a lot of water! Freeze a few for a yummy snack!


This is my worst habit of all, I think. I go to bed so late. I can’t turn my mind off and stop myself. But not sleeping puts me in yet another cycle. Getting on a better sleep routine was the best thing I ever did for myself. Once I fell out of the routine, I noticed immediately the dip in my energy. I know it is hard to get to bed at the same time every night when you have an ever-changing schedule and studying to do but really think of priorities and how you can schedule yourself to make sure you are sticking to a healthy sleep schedule.

3. Pre-made snacks!

Have healthy snacks readily available so you aren’t tempted with junk food. I always have dark chocolate covered almonds on hand. They keep you full and curb the chocolate craving which will help keep you from eating out of boredom or stopping for fast food because you are desperate! I prefer to dip my almonds myself with organic dark chocolate but you can easily buy them at the store already made! Keep them in your bag or nearby your desk at work for easy access!

4. You’re Human!

Give yourself a break! You are human. You won’t work out every day. You won’t eat healthy every meal of your life. Even when you shop for office supplies, there are sweets at the check out line. When your friends want to go out for an unexpected night out, there are so many drinks and fried foods that will tempt you! It is okay to splurge sometimes on what your craving. But, that is why it is best to be consistent every day. This way when you do indulge in your cravings you can be guilt free! Just do not let eating one plate of double chocolate cake let you spiral! (Yep that was very specific #weallhaveourweaknesses) Do not trick yourself into the “well I ate bad this morning so the day is ruined”. That quickly turns into “I ate bad this month so this month is ruined”. Been there, done that. It is a dangerous mentality!

5. Move around!

Feeling unmotivated? Get up and move around! I often get caught up in binge watching shows I have already seen a million times. By the time I realize what is happening, it is like 7 P.M. and I have wasted my whole day off! If you can just get yourself off the couch and onto the floor, do some stretches while you watch your show! Maybe even a little bit of Yoga! This will get the blood flowing and break the lock your brain has on your show.

Hope this inspires! What tips do you have for me!?