Tips to Staying Healthy While Traveling

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by! Today I want to talk about something that we all find a struggle to keep up with: Eating healthy! I know first hand how hard it can be to eat healthy while on the road. As I continue to grow in my career, I get to travel more and more and I love it! But when I already struggle to eat healthy while I am at home, eating healthy while traveling is even harder!

Here are my tips for getting through those travels without killing your healthy eating habits!

Pack Your Favorite Healthy Snacks! 

Think about those favorite snacks you have! Pack those for your road trip AND to keep in your hotel room! Include those items that help you curb your junk food cravings. My go to items are dark chocolate covered almonds, apples, and my new favorite: Melissa’s Almond Clean Snax with Chia and Flaxseed. They are delicious snack squares made of nuts, seeds, and honey! They taste so good and take away my craving for salty and sweet foods. They can be found at Kroger.

LOL My suitcase from my last trip! (Yea…I have monsters in there…I’m trying to kick that habit. Once I do, I’ll share how! 😉 But as you can see, it is half food and half clothes!)

Pay at the Pump

My worst habit in the world is walking into a convenience store and deciding I need junk food because I am bored. If you pay at the pump when you’re getting gas you will be less likely to indulge in the unnecessary snacks! Once I walk into a gas station, I see all the candy and snacks and I just can’t help myself. After all, we are human and human nature is to eat up those calories! So, I always have enough snacks on hand and avoid going in those gas stations to pay.

Use Google!

One of my favorite features of google maps is to go to “my places” and select places I want to go in the future. I can drop pins and where I want to go. I use this any time I travel, whether for vacations or work. This helps me plan my stops along the route I am driving so that I can plan it out. If I am leaving at 8 A.M. I know I will be hungry by 11 or 12. So if I have driven that far, where is there a healthy lunch option where I can stop?

Also so useful when I get to my destination! I am a member of a gym that is nationwide. So, I can go to my gym in any town it is located at no additional charge. I always find my gym’s local branch before traveling so I can map out how far away it is from my hotel and make sure I can get my daily workouts in. I can also find healthy restaurants in the area I am staying so that I do not stray from my diet. In addition, I will pin where the local Kroger is so I can get some necessities that maybe could not travel with me. Things like almond milk or cheese. This way I can utilize my little in room refrigerator. Which brings me to my next point!

Check your room amenities! 

Check out your hotel’s website. Do they have a refrigerator and microwave in the room? If their website does not say or if you are worried, call the front desk and get your answer. I can not live without a refrigerator in my room. It is so necessary so that I am not only staying healthy, but saving money by not eating out EVERY meal! If they do not have the amenities you require in your room, see if they have any rooms available that can offer you what you need.

Settle into your room immediately

It is vital that you unpack everything right away. Put your food in the fridge or on the desk area, wherever you need it. If you leave it packed away, you’ll find an excuse not to eat it. Out of sight, out of mind. Get settled in right away and make yourself at home . I do this even if I am only staying one night! I feel so much more relaxed if I can put that suitcase away and get comfy.

Keep Yourself Busy

I know this is not hard for you boss babes out there! We’re always busy! But seriously, I often find myself thinking, “I’m traveling. It’s okay to eat what I want.” I will get junk food and watch movies and relax. NO! So not the right way to think! It is of course okay to indulge but only at the right times. So, find other ways to pamper yourself OR stay busy! I love bringing nail polish and a face mask (and some wine….) with me while I travel so I can pamper myself one night. Then another night I might break out the lap top to get a lot of work done! If I am not feeling up to getting ahead on work, I always have a back up like a coloring book (yep. I am who I am!) or a good read to relax with. This helps me keep my mind away from those snacks that draw me in!

Good luck with your 2018 travels, Bossbabes! What are your travel tips!?