Hosting Girl’s Night With Your Mommy Friends

It has happened! I have reached the age where most of the people I know have kids or are having kids. And I have to tell you….I love it! Although I am not a mom yet myself, I am so excited for my friends that are. They are enjoying some of the best moments in their lives and that makes my heart so full.

As happy as I am for them, there comes a time when I do want to hang out with them! Yet the ease of going to restaurants for a quick bite to eat or popping over to our favorite bar is mostly gone….yes they can get a babysitter. But quite honestly, I know they want to be with their kids and I want to be with their kids too. Just because I am not a mom, doesn’t mean I can’t hang. I can get down with the mommy train! Especially because being a mom is the most important role these fabulous women are taking on right now.

So, how do we get together and include the kids!? I have some ideas and I am SO excited to share them! I am going to break these ideas into two groups and give some fun ideas of how to have girls nights while either staying in, or while going out that include the kiddos! And don’t worry, as usual, we’re going to include budget friendly ideas….in fact most of them will be very cost effective! I will also add some things that us without momma on our resume may not think about!

Staying In

  • Make Mommy mocktails and decorate wine glasses while the kids do their own decorating!
    • This has to be by far one of my favorites! Okay, let’s be real here. Most of us had our fun party phase…you know the one where we drank and partied and crash at whatever friend’s house you happened to be at….well momma’s can’t do that anymore (or at least not as often lol). So…here is my solve! For a stay at home girl’s night, get some wine glasses and puffy paint. Decorate your personal wine glasses while you have the kiddo’s decorating cups for themselves! Or have them decorating masks, tiaras, whatever they are into! They can use the same tools as you, just sub the wine glasses for an age appropriate item!
    • Then, make mommy mocktails! While your doing this, you can make some fun drinks for the kids too!
      • A few things to think about: The mess! Grab some cheap table cloths from the dollar tree and lay those down wherever you might be doing your crafts.
      • And make sure you fill the momma’s in on your plans so the kiddos are not wearing nice clothes!
  • Make homemade pizza and have a movie night!

Choose a family friendly movie that everyone can enjoy. Kids movies are doing better than ever at reaching adult audiences. Before starting the movie, make a pizza together. Grab a box pizza and let the kids help. They get to get their hands sticky in the doe and kids love that! While it’s in the oven, pop in the movie and enjoy!

  • Mani’s and pedi’s at home!

You can do a lot with this. Create a whole spa experience. Warm some damp towels, get cucumbers, and lots of nail polish! The best thing to do is get shades for you and your gal pal while also getting kid friendly shades! Put down a table cloth and have a blast. Kids love feeling more grown up (ironic, right?). So make them a spa oasis for a night and they’ll be content. Plus, we know we all could use a spa day.

  • Game Night!

Personally, I love board games. They seem to continue to get more and more popular as time goes on. There are many fun games that are good for all different age groups! Go with a new game or a classic. It will be a hit. Just make sure you think about the personality of your audience. If your friend’s kids have a lot of energy, find a game that will suit that personality. If they are younger, make sure it is a game that will keep their attention but also easy for them to play.

  • Arts and Crafts

I love arts and crafts. I think that is one of the best ways I connect with kids. I love creating things and having fun with it. Just make sure you are prepared for some spills and some mess. In my opinion, a mess shows we are alive! Especially when kids are around. If you are worried, lay down a plastic table cloth and put anything sentimental up high. Keep it simple and gather up the art supplies. Paint some portraits. Or, maybe you could make some seasonal decorations.

Going Out!

Everyone now and then, we all need to get out. And a lot of moms don’t get to do that a lot. So, if you want to hang out with them and their little ones, here are some ideas where everyone can have fun.

  • Trampoline Park

Kids LOVE this and honestly, so do I. You can get out and get active while hanging with your friends.

  • Museums

There are tons of museums you can go to and many have free or very low cost entry. Explore and learn new things while also spending time with your gal pal.

Dayton Area: My top choices are COSI, The National Museum of the United States Air Force Base (Wright Patt), and Boonshoft Museum of Discovery.

  • Hiking

Hiking is one of my favorite things to do. It is very relaxing for me. My sister and I have always enjoyed this and bringing her kids along makes it even more fun. They can run and play and enjoy the outdoors while we do, too!

Dayton Area: My top choices include John Bryan State Park, Bill Yeck, Sugarcreek Metro Park and Grant Park.

  • Pottery Painting!

Again, I love arts and crafts. If you want to get out, or your home is not equipped for hefty arts and crafts, painting pottery is perfect for you and your posse. You get to choose what you want to paint and your colors. Then relax and design! My husband and I took our niece to do this and it was so much fun. She got to pick out her items and paint without worrying about making a mess. And we had a lot of fun, too!

Dayton Area: My top choices are: Cozy melts paint your own pottery and paintbrush pottery

  • The Zoo!

Who doesn’t love animals!? The Zoo is a great option for those looking to get out with or without kids! Again, everyone gets to walk freely or ride in a stroller. This can be the perfect day out for a group. Look up the zoo your going to and see if they have any cool events going on while you’ll be there.

Pro Tip: If you visit the Zoo often, get a membership. You may get some free guest passes!

What ideas do you guys have!? Comment!




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