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As a career woman in fashion, I know how tough it can be to have great looks each and every day without breaking the bank. We all want to look professional, feminine, and feel good about ourselves! Yet fashion trends change so often it is just so hard to keep up! So how do we cover all our bases while not breaking the bank?

The answer is your basic pieces! You need to build up your basics so that when you do find a fun item of clothing, you have plenty to wear with it. This way, when you buy fun pieces you aren’t looking for other items to go with it. So today I am going to share my list of the important items and business babe needs!

1.) Black and Grey Dress slacks

Dress Slacks are the bread and butter of any business babe’s closet! They are a must have. I say black AND grey because you will have some tops that may not go with Black. Also, you may not want to wear black all the time and having an extra color or two will help you build more outfits. If you want, it’s also a great idea to get a colored pair. Possibly a pattern that is easy to match with or tan.

2.) Jeans!

Does your work have casual Friday? If so, by the time Friday comes, you’ll want to take advantage of it! So, make sure you have a really good pair of basic yet nice jeans. These can take you from work to a night out so easily! I used to be in love with bootcut but not many are a fan. Skinny denim and flare are very in right now. Skinny and straight leg are consistently popular (not just a fleeting trend) and can be worn with multiple styles of shoes.

3.) Black sweater

I recommend a nice black sweater because they can go over most shells and dress up any outfit! On days where you just don’t feel like wearing a blazer, having a black sweater that easily goes with everything is very helpful. This way you can wear your favorite shell or top and not have to worry about it being sleeveless.

4.) Black Blazer

The classic black blazer is a MUST have for any woman’s closet. Whether you need it to pair with something for an interview or to go with an outfit to dress it up, a black blazer will be just the ticket! You can put a black blazer with dress pants, denim, a dress, a skirt, and more! Make sure you watch the fit of the blazer.

When your arms are at your sides, they should hit above your thumb. Also, the shoulders should line up nicely. If you visit a nice store with women’s suits, they can help fit you in the right blazer for you!

PRO tip!: Most black blazers will have a matching pant and skirt. if you have the funds, get the pants or skirt as well! This way you aren’t trying to find blacks that match perfectly later on.

5.) Collared shirt

A collared shirt is SO amazing! I know they seem a little stuffy, but they can be really fashionable. They of course go really well under a blazer for a very professional looking outfit. But, for a more fun look, you can also put a collared shirt under a cardigan for a really cute look! And, you can wear the collared shirt on it’s own with skinny jeans or leggings, add booties and you are ready for a night out!

6.) Cream Shell

Shells are the basic sleeveless tops you put under a blazer, jacket, or sweater. A cream one is a great go to. You can of course get lots of colors and patterns to wear to work. But when you’re on a budget or want to stick to the basics, the cream shell is the one you need. It goes under any color blazer, sweater, and jacket (except white). Also, if you are looking for more color then add a scarf or necklace. At least with a scarf it can be put with other items as well.

7.) Ankle Pants

Ankle pants are very, very in! If you are looking for something different than a trouser, grab a good pair of ankle pants! Also, if you are petite, ankle pants will look great! Ankle pants need to hit right below your ankle bone. These go great with flats and kitten heels. Such a great basic that will complete a lot of looks.

8.) Basic Cardigan

The basic button down cardigan is another must. The best colors to have in your closet are white, black, navy, and camel. These colors can be thrown over any color shell to create and easy but elegant look.

9.) Basic Flyaway

A flyway is the best! So a flyaway is basically a cardigan without buttons. Grab this to again throw over any shell and pair with your dress pants. The best part of a flyaway is it can be casual as well! Not only will a flyway look great with dress pants, but it will also look perfect with denim and knee high boots.

10.) Pointed toe flats

I am not a heels girl. I never wore heels until I entered the professional world at 21 years old. And I still do not do well in heels. I will wear them on days I know I will be sitting a lot. Otherwise, flats are the way to go.

Unfortunately, flats do not always look very professional and dressy. Yet the pointed toe style looks dressy and has the comfort of being a flat. These are the best investment you will make. My favorite place to get these is Target (which is my favorite place to get anything!). They generally have great deals on their flats and a great variety. I own a tan pair and a black pair and they go with almost everything.

11.) Booties

One of the easiest ways to dress up and outfit is a nice shoe! Booties are great to pair with a skirt and tights or to pair with jeans for a casual Friday. Some of the best places to get a nice pair of booties are Target or Kohl’s.

12.) A nice skirt

Skirts are my favorite. I love them. They help me out every day! I have a hard time finding the line between too dressy and too casual. So, wearing a skirt and adding any top with this will dress up any outfit. I will wear almost any type of skirt. But if you are not a skirt girl, stop into a local shop and get fitted for some different styles. I promise, once you find the fit you like, you will fall in the love with how easy it is to wear a skirt!

In the Winter, I love to add tights and booties for a fun, classic look! You can add a flyway or wear a cardigan tucked in to keep you warm during the Winter.


What are your must have wardrobe essentials!?