Things To Do

Winter has started early this year! It seems like in the past few years, Winter hasn’t hit until January. Yet this year, it came on in November! My husband and I always struggle to have fun date nights without breaking the bank this time of year! I am sure many couples face this problem as well. We wind up feeling really cooped up and looking for things to do other than staying in and watching movies. Don’t get me wrong, we love our movie nights. But an entire Winter of watching movies can make for a long few months! So, I spent some time brainstorming and coming up with date night ideas for the Winter time for active couples!

  1. Escape Rooms-

I was very skeptical about the new fad of escape rooms at first. I was concerned my claustrophobia might set in. But, my husband and I can not get enough of these! Almost every city has at least one of these and they are so fun! You can do them as a couple, as a group, or with other people you don’t know yet! They are worth every penny and really get your mind working.

2. Indoor rock climbing-

Indoor rock climbing is one of the best indoor activities for active couples during cold weather! You still get to be together, you get to be active, and stay warm! You can find many local places that won’t break the bank. If you are in the Dayton, Ohio area there is a really cool place. It is called urban Krag. The location is a former Church and it is beautiful! Visit their site for pics and more info!

3. Volunteer!

If you want to stay active and feel really good about what you’re doing, volunteer! Plus, there are a lot of ways to volunteer for free so you are getting to spend time with your partner, make a difference, and spend little to no money!

4. Glass Art-

My husband surprised me with this last year and it was so fun. There are a lot of crafty places you can go to create your own glass art. The items range from coasters to large plates or bowls. We pick out our colors and cut the metal ourselves, creating whatever designs we wanted. Then the company heated it up and added the finishing touches. It was so much fun. Here are the small trinket dishes we made.

5. Antique shopping-

We love this activity. Although we don’t always have money to spend on antiques, it is so much fun to look around. We have a few special shops we like to go to whenever we have free time to see what they have added. It is so fun browsing the aisles and seeing what these shop owners have to offer! We can kill almost half a day doing this together.

6. Laser Tag-

It is not just for kids! Go just you two or gather a group of buddies to go. Make it more interesting! If it’s you and your significant other, loser does the dishes. If it’s you and your pals, loser buys a round of drinks!

7. indoor put Put-

One of my favorites, even though I am TERRIBLE! But my hubby and I both just play for fun so I enjoy it.

8. Museums-

A lot of major cities have great museums. Many will talk about local history and others may center around art. In Dayton we have our local Air Force Museum. It even has free admission which is so great!

9. Yoga or kick boxing class-

This is perfect for the active couple. Pro Tip-Get on Groupon and find great deals for your local classes. You can find adult yoga, kick boxing, or even karate classes in your area for great deals! If you easily get cooped up in the Winter months and feel all that energy building up, this is one of the best ways to harness that energy while it’s cold outside. Look for those

10. indoor Shooting Range-

This one is not for everyone but with my husband having peace officer training and being from an ag background, we are not super shy around the gun range. It can be a fun pass time! Plus it gives a nice burst of adrenaline! Great for the active couple.

Want to brave the weather?

  1. Sledding- Find a hill and have at it! I grew up sledding at my grandmother’s so sledding is such a fun pass time for me and brings back so many memories. And trust me, it’ll keep you active. It is a lot of work walking up those hills in your snow suits. But so worth it!
  2. Snowboarding/ Skiing- Find a local ski resort and take a trip up there! My favorite one near us is Mad River Mountain. It is not too far of a drive and is beautiful.
  3. Tubing- Mad River also has a great tubing hill! Yes this is very similar to sledding, but they have a nice little track that takes you back up the hill. Plus it is lit which makes it nice as you can see the whole area and you significant other, which is an added bonus of course!
  4. Ice Skating- Who remembers their high school ice skating dates? Oh so sweet! Go back to that time and enjoy a beautiful evening ice skating. Look around for places. There are indoor and outdoor places depending on the weather!
  5. Snowball Fight!- Have a snowball fight with your partner! I personally like the element of surprise. Build up a bunch of snowballs and be ready to sneak attack them when they get home from work or while they are shoveling the walk (make sure they are wearing proper attire or won’t fall if you hit them!)
  6. Romantic Walk- Bundle up and take a beautiful stroll. Either walk around your neighborhood or find a pretty park to walk through. This is the perfect opportunity to hold hands and get close to keep each other warm!
  7. Local Park Tours- Our local parks often have moonlight walks with a guide! It is a beautiful opportunity to walk through the park at nighttime with the moonlight. How romantic!? They even offer hot chocolate at some events. In my area, Glen Helen is a park that offers these tours. Check out their Facebook page or website for information on these dates.

I hope this gave you all some ideas! Please comment below with your thoughts. Have fun this Winter!